At a reception organized in honor of his daughter, a rich tycoon is about to make an important announcement when a sudden shot rings out. Sir Melvyn Bromsby collapses, having suffered a mortal wound to the heart.... Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring contains a baffling murder, dozens of witnesses, and a great many places to investigate in Victorian London. Assume the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as you investigate troubling cases. Uncover clues and meet other faithfully recreated heroes from the novels. Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring will delight any fan with plenty of mystery, intrigue, and drama!

Additional Details

Company Frogwares Game Development Studio
Size 1.19GB, about 14 minutes on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date November 20, 2012

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP
Processor Pentium 3 - 600MHz or better
Video card RAM 32MB
DirectX Version 8.1 or above
PC Download Adventure Rental Mystery Based on TV/Movie/Book


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